Hi there! If you’ve stumbled upon this page out of sheer luck, welcome. Please do stay and read a little bit more about what social media management looks like, it’s nice to learn something new. If you’re here because you’re looking for a social media manager for your business then read on;

I can offer full set up and managements of your accounts or can take on the management of existing accounts. Or maybe you need a little refreshing and updating? I can do that too!

All packages and services are bespoke and dependant as to your requirements. To give you an idea though, I can manage a small business Facebook and Instagram account with daily updates, I source content to share and check and answer queries as well as keep profiles updated and report back  for £250 a month.

I also offer freelance blog post writing for company blogs as well as social media advice.

With 3 years as a professional blogger and qualifications in social media I have the experience to help you shine on social media!